What is design-build?
This video captures the volume of work and time needed to complete construction. Dome designs your project, engineers it and builds it. With our teams, you receive all the benefits of the design-build


Combined expertise. Guaranteed costs. Faster delivery.

The design-builder assumes total control for all the architectural, engineering and construction processes, answering directly to the owner and managing all vendors for them.


Over the years, Dome Design Build Corp. has found that miscommunication lies at the heart of most construction problems and cost overruns. This is not surprising considering the number of people involved in construction: architects, contractors, subcontractors, city and county inspectors and, of course, the owner.


Dome can serve as your general contractor and offers our clients something that is rare today: fixed cost project pricing and completion timeframes that are 20% shorter than the industry standard. We do this by working closely with all the key players to ensure that your project stays on course and on budget. And we communicate with you throughout the process.

conventional method

Many teams who may not know each other work together and many requests conflict with one another, which cause project delays and cost inefficiencies.